• Sonomex Doblajes in Mexico City was founded by Julio Macias in 1968.

  • Started with one small studio and dubbing into Spanish.

  • With an incredible amount of dedication, hard work, persistence and vision of expanding his legacy, Arturo Macias continued to create the group we have today.

  • This family tradition continues with a new generation of members.

Audio Mixing Pult
Recording Studio


Best Quality

  • All of our companies are capable of functioning independently as well as together in order to offer our clients the best localization services in the Latin America.

  • Many buyers of programming for Latin America only accept dubbing into Neutral Spanish or Portuguese, from Mexico City or Sao Paulo, where our recording studios are located. 


Next Level Service at Different Studios WorldWide

  • Miami

    • Art Sound Miami, Roman Sound International

  • Mexico​

    • Foro Macias, International Dubbing Factory

    • Art Sound Mexico, Sonomex Doblajes

  • São Paulo

    • Macias Audiovisuais

    • IDF Brazil